Social Events

Following the success of our Summer Garden Parties at Carol & Barry's garden in Dawlish, we decided to experiment with Sunday Afternoon Tea Dances. The first one took place on Sunday, 4 December 2016. 

The afternoon was open to both dancers and non-dancers and the admission price included tea, cakes and biscuits. 

This was such a success that we did it all again in February. As everyone who attended had such a great time, we decided to plan some more.

Meantime, another Garden Dance has been enjoyed on Sunday, 6 August 2017 (see this page).

Another very successful tea dance was held on Sunday, Dec 3 2017,  followed by Sunday, 11 February 2018, and Sunday, 5 April 2018

The 2018 Annual Garden Party was on Sunday, 17th June with Jeremy calling, and a voluntary donation was collected on behalf of Macmillan Cancer Support (see Thank You letter on this page).

The 2019 Garden Party was held on Sunday, 18th August (see this page).



In line with other responsible bodies, we have decided to no longer use plastic cups at our club evenings. Members can either bring their own reusable glasses, or glasses will be made available from the kitchen. Will members please remember to wash their own cups and glasses to be put away at the end of the evening. 



A much more relaxed attitude is now common in Europe and recent notes from the BAASDC indicate that many clubs are becoming more flexible.

For men, long sleeved shirts are still recommended by BAASDC even on club nights. However at ISCA we don't want to put anyone off from dancing so it is acceptable to wear a short sleeved shirt as an alternative to the still preferred long sleeved shirt.

For ladies the standard attire is either a dress or blouse and skirt combination. Smart trousers may be worn instead of a skirt.

When going away on a square dancing weekend, or for any special dance like ours with James Wyatt, the daytime sessions and workshops are generally free from any restrictions, but be advised that at any evening dance, “smart casual” or more formal items would be expected, including long-sleeved shirts for men. Always check on the dance details to see if there are any specific dress requirements.

                     October 2017

New badges have arrived…

Definition booklets

We have purchased a number of booklets for members to take home and refresh their memories on various moves. These are FREE for Members and may be kept as long as they are needed, but PLEASE return them afterwards.

Oct 2nd  -  John 

Oct 9th  -  Janet

 Oct 16th  -  Michael

Oct  23rd  -  Michael 

Oct 30th  -  Janet 

Nov 6th  -  John

Nov 13th  -  Michael


I thought I should send you all a brief report of the OBM held at the North West Birthday weekend on 5th October 2019 although many of you will have read about it in the magazine.
As in previous years we decided an informal meeting works well and gives dancers the opportunity to meet and get to know the Council members.  I received apologies from 8 clubs but we were joined by 32 dancers representing nine mostly local clubs.
The President Susan Ellis started the meeting by asking how far the dancers had travelled to the meeting.  Foremost it was less than 50 miles but there were a few intrepid explorers from Activ8's, Pieces of Eight and Wolston Mavericks.  The Secretary Barbara Scott gave a brief resume of the accounts on behalf off the Treasurer which showed a healthy balance of £21,492 in the bank as at 7th September 2019.  She then advised that the Council had been approached by the SDCCGB (the Callers organisation) regarding the possibility of celebrating the 70 years of their respective organisations in 2024.  The question was put to the floor whether/how Clubs would like the event to be marked.
Paul Bristow was then invited to give a short presentation on the history of Square Dance music production - and we are hoping he will produce this as an article for LSD magazine.
David Collinson, the Webmaster then explained the rationale beyond the need for the reverse styled date system used on our website.

May I ask you to remind your Club members that the AGM will be held on Saturday 9th November at Northaw Village Hall, EN6 4NW at 18.30 and we shall look forward to seeing as many of you as possible.

Garden Party @ Dawlish - Sunday 18 August 2019

Another successful Garden Party - the weather held out for most of the afternoon and when a light shower arrived everyone was ready for their tea. Thanks to Janet for putting on a mix of dances for everyone, and thanks as usual go to Carol and Barry for providing the venue!



By now you should all be aware that the BAASDC needs a new Treasurer by the next AGM (Autumn 2019 date to be confirmed).  This is a vital role within the structure of the Association.

Obviously the Council are not aware of all the talents of our dancing community and so we are reaching out to those who have some experience of operating accounts and use of the internet.  Perhaps you have run your own business in the past, worked in a larger organisation as part of a finance team or are already a Club Treasurer.  Location is no obstacle.

If you can assist in any way please contact Barbara Scott on

If we are unable to fill this vacancy the BAASDC will cease to operate in its present form.  This would mean:

· Clubs would no longer be provided with insurance and Clubs would have to negotiate their own cover.

· The website would close – so no dances or events would be nationally advertised via that media, no information would be available regarding clubs (venues, dates and times of meetings, contacts etc.) and no enquiries would be received from the UK or overseas.

· The Let’s Square Dance magazine would cease to be published because there would be no mechanism to collect subscriptions and pay the printers.


Our Members' Survey is now closed. But you can still have your say - If you have any queries or opinions, feel free to approach any committee member!


DANCE - Saturday, 21 October 2017 with JAMES WYATT 

A great time was had by all!

Square Dancing is good for your brain!

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Garden Party @ Dawlish - Sunday 6 August 2017

After the disappointment of having to cancel the original date of 30 July, the Annual Garden Party went ahead on Sunday, 6 August. This time the weather was much better and everyone had a really good time. Thanks to Carol and Barry for opening up their garden again, thanks to Jeremy for calling at a level to suit everyone, and thanks to Barry for these photographs!

Xmas 2016

Some of our members enjoying the James Wyatt weekend on the Isle of Wight, Xmas 2016.

Photo courtesy of Barry Lockton 

Obituary by John Greenaway

DANCE - Saturday, 22 Oct 2016 with JAMES WYATT

Some of our members and guests enjoying a break between the afternoon workshop session with James Wyatt, and the Dance in the evening. A great time was had by all!

Isca Allemanders owe a great big Thank You to James Wyatt and his lovely wife Brenda for giving us such a wonderfully fun-filled afternoon and evening on 22 October!  Some of our newer members were a little cautious that they might not be able to keep up, but James is such a skilled and experienced caller that he managed to make it fun for everyone - even catching some of the more experienced dancers out with some of his moves! The afternoon “workshop” kept everyone on their toes as James took us through our paces calling familiar moves from unfamiliar positions. 

A delicious pot luck supper was enjoyed between the dance sessions. Then our brains were taxed over the devious “square dance pitcherwitz” quiz which went down a storm with its thought-provoking clues: it had even James and Brenda scratching their heads! The winning team comprised some of our newest members - which is a great compliment to the thorough teaching they have had in order to reach their stage of ability in such a relatively short time!

Unfortunately some of our keen and enthusiastic members were disappointed to have had prior arrangements and missed a terrific session, so everyone now needs to make a note in their diaries for next year, so as not to miss out on the tremendous fun! (Date to be announced.)

Garden Party @ Dawlish - Sunday, 31 July 2016

The Sun Shone (the wind breezed a little), the sky was blue, and a good time was had by all.

Calling is obviously more exhausting than dancing!

Photos courtesy of Mike Kennedy.


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On Friday 22 April Isca Allemanders celebrated the Graduation of eight new square dancers. Well done and congratulations to them all!

It was a year ago that Exmouth U3A started a Contra dancing group for beginners using only Basic and Mainstream moves. Picking it all up quickly and keen to progress, the group turned to square dancing (as we had hoped) and was joined later by dancers who had been learning with Harry Humphreys at Newton Poppleford. After welcoming them all as members of the Club, Isca Allemanders happily took on the graduation of these students and will continue to run the group as a Mainstream and teaching part of the Club on Friday mornings.

After seven of the students had danced for the judges, the eighth - Jeremy - also called a tip for them as he was the one who had taught the U3A group from the beginning. It was felt appropriate to include him in the graduation as, despite being an excellent teacher, he had not previously graduated as a dancer!

The students were welcomed into full membership of the club with a morning of dancing led by caller John Bone. We were honoured to have John Greenaway, the founder of the Club, to keep an eye on proceedings and then present the graduates with their certificates and Isca club badges. It was lovely to see them supported by so many Isca members. After the formalities were over, everyone enjoyed dancing for the rest of the morning, followed by lunch at the local garden centre.